New elephants and little bears available now in my store. 

I have also been bitten by the 'Blythe doll' bug and have become slightly hooked on them now. So my first attempt at a customised doll is shared with you in the photo below (she still needs work on her lips etc though..). I am so a beginner!!
Customising a Blythe is quite involved really. It involves sanding, carving, use of a dremel tool (sometimes), painting makeup back on, changing eye chips, new pull strings to change the eyes etc (warning! I am absolutely no expert in this but I admire those artists who work so hard). 
There are some beautiful dolls out there!!

 New Elephant
 My first attempt (I'm so a beginner) at a Blythe Doll customisation.

 Blythe dress for sale in my store (my other photography assistant who has been customised by someone with more experience than moi :0)