Hi, I'm Di  
The artist behind the bears. 
I live and work in a 1940's cottage in a small town on the Murray River in South Australia. 

I have always been creative. I did sewing and various arts/creative subjects in high school including ceramics, metal work and woodwork. 
Now my love is for fabric, mohair, cotton, silk, lace, vintage fabric, viscose, faux fur etc...
I love it all!!
Making things is my passion I guess. 
I'm a huge introvert so I'm happy and content in my own space. 

Woollybuttbears was born in 2007,
the name was inspired by a Eucalyptus tree commonly called the 'Darwin Woollybutt' 
this tree is found in Northern Australia where I spent my childhood. 
The Woollybutt has a rough almost woolly bark 
with white bark branches and big gorgeous bright orange flowers.
I remember these trees so well because I spent much of my time climbing them, 
sitting in their branches pondering and running around in my imagination. 
Woollybuttbears is a little play on words because I figured teddy bears also have little 'woolly' butts...
 Thousands of Woollybuttbears and critters have been adopted and live around the world. 
I also have a fascination for dolls (specifically Blythe, Paola Reina and Bisque/Vintage) and miniatures.
You will see many things from my collection in the backgrounds of my photos. 

I really love unique and quirky things and I hope my creations bring a little smile to your day.

I have been fortunate to be published in the Australian Bear Creations Magazine and 
Teddy Bear Times & Friends Magazine (UK Based)

To keep up to date on all the news Woollybuttbears is on Instagram.

Thankyou to all the beautiful customers who have adopted my creations over the years :0)
Love and Hugs, Di and the Woollybuttbears